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Answers to frequently asked questions | FAQ

What is Intrappola.TO?

Intrappola.TO is an Escape Room; a group of players is locked in a room and has to solve a series of puzzles and enigmas to complete a mission – usually that of getting out.

Who can play?

The Intrappola.TO Escape Rooms are for players from 6 to 99 years old. Younger children can enter the rooms but probably won’t be able to contribute to the mission. Persons under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult responsible for them.

I’m pregnant – can I play?

Yes. There are no contraindications to participation in the game for pregnant women, unless indicated otherwise by their doctor. We do, however, ask that you let us know of your condition when you reserve, or give us a call at +39 334 7733737 , so we can tone down any scenic effects and guarantee the comfort you deserve.


The Intrappola.TO Escape Rooms are not claustrophobic ambiences. You and your teammates won’t actually be locked in; the door is equipped with a handle or red emergency button, so you can leave the game at any time.

I’m disabled – can I play?

Most of our venues are equipped for disabled access. We recommend that you call +39 334 7733737 or send an email to prenotazioni@intrappola.to to enquire about your specific situation.

Do I have to reserve?

Yes, reservations are mandatory. Access the “Reservations” section on the Intrappola.TO website, where you can check the available dates and times and reserve your session in real time.
You can also call +39 334 7733737 and reserve by phone.

Number of players:

The maximum number of participants per room is prescribed by safety regulations and thus non-negotiable. To avoid unpleasant situations, please refrain from insisting with the staff. In the event of larger groups, you can reserve two game sessions – you’ll have more fun and can challenge each other!

Changing players:

You can change the members of your group or add some at any time. Just click here: link
You must enter the reservation code you received in your confirmation email and the email address and/or cell phone number you gave when reserving.
You can also communicate any changes on the day of the game session, directly on site.

Cancelling a reservation:

To cancel your reservation, call +39 334 7733737 or email us at prenotazioni@intrappola.to, we’d appreciate it!

Souvenir photos:

At the end of each game session, we take a group photo that will be published on our website, Intrappola.TO, and on the Facebook page of the venue you played at. We cannot send it via email. The photo is subject to all participants’ acceptance of our Privacy Policy.


Our game experiences are designed for players of all nationalities and languages.
The hints and clues provided by the Torturer are, however, in the language chosen among those available when reserving.
If you wish to change the language, call +39 334 7733737 or email us at prenotazioni@intrappola.to.

Birthday parties, hen/stag nights, etc.…

Intrappola.TO rooms are the ideal venue to celebrate any event. Contact the staff if you’d like to “personalize” your game by including a gift for the guest of honor as part of the game.
We’d be happy to hear about any other ideas you may have. Call +39 334 7733737 or email us at prenotazioni@intrappola.to.

I’d like to open an Intrappola.TO venue in my hometown:

Please fill out the form; one of our managers will contact you link

I’d like to work with Intrappola.TO:

Please fill out the form; we’ll contact you as soon as there’s an opening link